DC Jack Connectors

A range of DC jack connectors in surface mount and thru hole termination. GCT offer both shielded and unshielded DC jacks with horizontal and vertical PCB orientation.

Current ratings offered range from 1.5A for 0.65mmø centre pins to 8A in high power shielded products with a 2.5mmø centre pin.

If you know the plug diameter but are not sure which jack to choose, then search by 'mating DC plug sizes', which lists both ID (inner) and OD (outer) plug diameters.

GCT jacks offer an economical alternatives to competitors such as CUI, Switchcraft, Wurth & Kycon. You'll also find full product specifications and 3d models online.

If you require any help or technical support on DC jack connectors please Contact GCT with your enquiry.


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  • Jack Pin Ø
    Defines the diameter of the jack male pin. Note the appropriate 'mates with plug' filter below.
  • Mates With Plug
    Defines both the inner (ID) and outer (OD) diameter of the mating plug, which is not supplied by GCT. These dimensions define which jack types mate with the plug you are seeking.
  • Jack Cavity Ø
    Defines the cavity diameter of the jack, the jack cavity should be larger than the mating plug outer diameter (OD).
  • Mount Type
    Termination method of soldering connector onto PCB. Through hole (TH) or surface mount (SMT).
  • PCB Orientation
    Position of the connector mating face relative to the PCB. Vertical (straight) is 90° to the PCB, horizontal (right angle) is 180° to the PCB. Upright/flag types have the connector mounted on its side.
  • Shielding Options
    Shielding offers protection from EMI interference.
  • Current Rating
    Defines maximum current carrying capacity each DC jack is suitable for.
  • Locating Peg
    Plastic locating pegs used to hold the jack in place during solder process and may provide extra strength post soldering. Also known as plastic post.
  • Switch Type
    Defines the number of conductors and contacts in the switch circuit.

DC Power Jacks - 1 connectors

Distributor Stock Available
DCJ235-05 - Thru Hole Horizontal DC Power Jack

Series: DCJ235-05

Product Status: Active
PCB Mount typeThru Hole
Jack Pin Diameter2.35mm
Jack Cavity Diameter6.30mm
Switch Type2 conductors / 3 contacts
Current Rating5.0 Amps
Mate With Plug Inner2.40mm
Mate With Plug Outer5.50mm
Locating Peg OptionsWithout locating peg

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