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GCT Team:

Kevin Williams takes charge of the GCT Americas team

To further strengthen the GCT Americas team, Kevin Williams has joined as General Manager

With a wealth of experience that Kevin brings to the Americas operation, lets delve further with a Q&A session to find out more:

Kevin Williams has joined GCT

Q1.  How are you settling into your new role at GCT? 

It’s been a very smooth transition for me personally.  There’s so much to learn, even though I have a background in the industry, but there was a very solid training program put into place for me. Everyone has been great in helping me with the transition.  At a distributor, you need to know a little about a wide range of products.  Here, the challenge is expanding my knowledge much deeper into a more finite number of products.  It’s a fun challenge.

Q2. Can you give us some background on your career to date?

I spent the vast majority of my career with Avnet, a leading distributor of electronic components.  My tenure at Avnet included 2 tours of duty – the first at 13 years, the 2nd at 11 years.  I spent most of my time in inside sales management, in both manager and director roles, managing both regional and national teams. In between my Avnet stints, I was the sales manager for a ceramic supply company, which provided me with smaller company experience. This allotted me with a fair amount of autonomy, and required many layers of decision making.

Q3.  What skills and experience have you brought to the GCT Americas team?

One of the challenges that I enjoy is constructing/having input into a strategic plan. I would then implement more tactical plans to carry through the execution, and measure the results. I have experience doing so in both a company of 10,000+ employees, as well as one with a couple of dozen employees.

Q4.  Are there any market and product trends do you see currently?

Thus far, I’ve been involved with several opportunities focused around USB and Board to Board connectors.  Customers are also interested in flat flex cable solutions that we’ve been able to develop in a few cases as well.

Q5.  Is there anything else you would like to add?

It’s a really exciting time to join the GCT team.  I believe we are well positioned for growth with an excellent product offering, a strong distribution network, as well as a solid support staff on the direct side.

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