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Incoming… The new GCT Logo!

Much has changed in the past decade. Not just politically and socially, but in the worlds of business, marketing and design too. Never one to be left behind, Global Connector Technology has evolved over the past several years, expanding customers, business and staff worldwide, as well as introducing an updated website and distribution network that makes it quick and easy to get what you need into your product.

One element of the company left unchanged in all this time is the branding and logo. Vital components of our identity, and the three letters we are known by – GCT. I was once told that “If you can type it, it’s not a logo”. Up until this point, the GCT logo featured three letters in a standard font, so we’ve decided to give it a redesign that’s as unique as it is meaningful.

The new GCT Logo!

The G receives a unique feature which not only makes it distinct, but also signifies a physical reference point that is integral to our products. The circular G loops around itself before terminating in a gold-edged grey circle in the middle – evoking the vision of a Printed Circuit Board via, the entrance and holes between the PCB layers through which many GCT parts are connected.

To top it all off, we’ve applied a fresh lick of paint with shades more suited to 2017. Of course the signature red is still here, deepened slightly to convey a stronger presence.  A new colour palette also cleverly ties in one of our core product lines; board-to-board connectors! Our shade of grey is called ‘Nylon’ after the Nylon 6T insulator material choice, and a new third colour to add flexibility and brightness, ‘Gold Flash’, named for the popular metallic coating of the contacts.

So there you have it, the New GCT logo. With all the thinking gone into it, we hope you like it as much as we do.

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