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GCT Connector PCB Footprints Now Available on SnapEDA

GCT Connector PCB footprints and more available with SnapEDA

GCT has teamed up with SnapEDA, the internet’s first parts library for circuit board design, to provide symbols & footprints for its connectors across an extensive 9 product ranges.

With this new collaboration, designers can easily download and design-in GCT’s high-quality and reliable connectors, which include USB, SIM card, FFC, modular jack, lighting, DC power jack, and smart card connectors.

The process is simple - designers just download the free connector model for their PCB design tool of choice on the SnapEDA website, and then drag-and-drop the model into their designs, saving them hours of time.

Connectors are one of the most time-consuming categories of components for designers to create footprints for because of their non-standard shapes, non-circular pads, and lack of patterns in pins and cutouts. They generally take hours to build, and cause hours of frustration for designers who just want to design them in as quickly as they can so they can complete their product design.

“Designers are constantly asking us for more connectors, so we’re thrilled to be able to provide our users with CAD models for GCT’s extensive range of products,” said Natasha Baker, CEO of SnapEDA.

Laurence Hill, Managing Director at GCT added, “We have always offered customers a first class experience when designing in our connectors and continue to look for innovative tools to make this easier and more efficient.  Having a broad selection of our products with PCB layout models in various file formats available to download will certainly support this, reinforcing GCT’s commitment to provide an industry leading service for our customers.”

SnapEDA works with semiconductor and electronic component vendors to provide digital models for their components in all major CAD formats. In addition to helping customers move to production faster and more reliably through verified manufacturing models, they also help vendors secure design wins for their components.

Symbols & footprints for GCT’s connectors can be downloaded for all major PCB software formats, including Altium, OrCad, Allegro, Eagle, PADS, DXDesigner, KiCad and more. The models have been auto-verified using SnapEDA proprietary verification technology.

The connector models can be downloaded for free via GCT’s website at www.gct.co, or in SnapEDA’s free parts library at www.snapeda.com.


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