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Henry Loh Reviews his first year as GCT APAC Business Development Manager

Henry Loh looks back at the past year as GCT APAC Business Development Manager

With a wealth of experience that Kevin brings to the Americas operation, lets delve further with a Q&A session to find out more:

Henry Loh reviews 1st year at GCT as Business Development Manager

Q1.  How have things been for you since joining GCT last year?

I have settled nicely in my role as GCT APAC Business Development Manager and now feel well integrated into the company culture and processes.  There was a lot to take in at the start of my tenure to understand the system of doing things but this quickly passed. I’m now fully committed to build relationships and generate new business in the APAC region.

Q2. Can you give us a some background on your career to date?

I have been in the sales and business development business for more than 25 years both strategically and tactically, with 18+ years in the various interconnect industry across APAC.

Q3.  What skills and experience have you bought to the GCT team?

Having been managing channel partners for more than 17 years, it is easy for me to understand “what clicks” for a supplier/distribution relationship and how we can leverage on their footprint to drive more sales. This has proved valuable as we grow the business in the region.

Q4.  Which GCT products have proved popular in your territory?

The interconnect industry is a very competitive market in Asia. It is very important to know where we want to ‘play’. GCT products are well positioned for the mid to high end products especially in USBSIM Card and BTB connectors.

Q5.  Are there any market and product trends do you see currently?

I would say that products associating with “IOT” will be market drivers, and we need to move towards solution selling to our customers.  GCT has a lot of knowledge to add-value to new and existing projects when allowed to do so!

Q6.  Is there anything else you would like to add?

In Asia, Trust and relationship needs to be built if we want to sustain a long term business relationship. I am confident with GCT’s continued flexibility and product offering, we can achieve great milestones moving forward.

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