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Product Release:

Push Pull Nano SIM Connector – Save PCB Real Estate

Improved Nano SIM connector

GCT’s SIM8050 Nano SIM connector has a footprint of 10.8mm x 12.20mm (.425" x .480") and profile height of 1.35mm (.053”).

SIM8050 is a push-pull connector with 6 contacts and 1.35mm height above the PCB. Measuring just 10.8mm x 11.0mm, a full metal shell offers the card protection from heat resistance. The connector is suitable for 5,000 SIM card cycles, a card stop function allows the card to be plugged in one orientation only. Plastic pegs and SMT hold-downs offer accurate PCB placement and PCB retention strength.

SIM8050 accepts the 4FF Nano SIM card. This format measures 12.3mm (length) x 8.8mm (width) with 0.67mm (thickness) and maintains existing SIM contact arrangements while reducing insulator size versus Micro SIM cards. At 0.67mm thickness Nano-SIM cards are approximately 15% percent slimmer than 0.76mm thick Micro & Mini SIM cards.

To speed up design, downloadable drawings, 3D models and specification are on our Push Pull Nano SIM Connector page.

Contact your local GCT office today to discuss your requirements. We have expert staff to assist you in all locations, we support you wherever you design – wherever you manufacture.

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