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USB Type-C charging is now a real option

USB4085 USB Type-C Charging Connector

The USB4085 is the latest addition to GCT's USB connector range, a Type-C connector specifically aimed for power charging designs.

“There is a rise of devices requiring change only functionality,” says Paul Hulatt, GCT Product Manager. “A good example is consumer technology, such as headphones and speakers, which are quickly moving to wireless data transfer. Since its introduction four years ago, developers have been exploring the feasibility of using USB Type-C. Its fast charging capability, small size and reversible form factor are highly attractive features for development engineers. However, up until now, the additional cost of the PCB receptacle has been a barrier.”

To address this, GCT has worked closely with these engineers to develop a charge only version. By sacrificing the SuperSpeed differential pair contacts, 8 in total, the modified 16-pin construction of the USB4085 Type-C provides all the required full charge capabilities with streamlined USB 2.0 functionality. It gives engineers the real option of improving the charging capability of their designs at a price that is well within reach.

Available in through-hole mount type, there are 4 PCB retention/grounding posts to provide extra strength and integrity on the board.  The USB4085 has a 3.46mm height above PCB and is rated to 10,000 mating cycles. An extensive set of resources is available, including 3D models, product drawings and PCB layout/footprints, making it easier and quicker for engineers to design in.

For more information on the USB4085 Type-C charging connector, please visit: www.gct.co/connector/usb4085 or call GCT directly on: +44 (0)1707 321122

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