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Polarized Connectors - Board to board

GCT's range of polarized connectors for board to board applications offer a variety of options. Customers may choose from a range of pitch sizes, each having their own method of assuring that mating headers and sockets may only be plugged together in the correct way. All options include shrouding and keying designed into insulator on the male and female mating halves.

Why use polarized connectors?

  1. Eliminates connector mis-mating, which depending on where power is routed can avoid costly damage to OEM equipment.
  2. Allows multiple connectors to be used on one piece of equipment, customers may choose to use different polarized circuit sizes, such as a 10 and 20 position to clearly identify which orientation a mating PCB is designed to plug together.
  3. Aids blind mating, where the installer or end user cannot see the connection to be made, and has to feel for the connection.
  4. Helps prevent damage to exposed header posts (.050" & .1" pitches).

Range by Pitch

Shrouded Polarised Board to Board Connector 1mm 1.00mm - The keyed and molded BC060 & BC061 offer a tiny, surface mount, polarized connector option for parallel PCB mating configurations, available in 10-30 circuits.
Shrouded Polarised Board to Board Connector 1.27mm 1.27mm - Polarization is achieved by a different sized cut out at each end of the male header, the female connector include two end pieces which mate perfectly with the header cut outs. In addition there is an offset sideway key. There are options in this range to mate PCB's in parallel and right tangle orientation. An elevated stacker header offers other design choices for stacking polarization.
Shrouded Polarised Board to Board Connector 2.54mm 2.54mm - A Central bump system similar to traditional IDC connectors prevents header and socket being mismated. Headers are keyed while the receptacle has a sidewall bump.